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Graham Washington

I started Rocket League back in January of 2017 (season 4) My instant growth, practice time, and the people I met along the way really motivated me to play and enjoy the game more. The game's features made the game interesting, so there was never a point where I got bored or even thought about quitting.


alex hunter


I’ve been playing Rocket League for about two years and just started making my way into the competitive scene. Looking forward to making dreams come true.


I aspire to be one of the greats, but I can't do it on my own.





Sergio sosa

I am from Dallas, Texas and have been playing fighting games competitively for eight years.


Manager: queen

Coach: hypehouse


Joey Rumfelt

No wall too short, no Pharah too far. Prepare to feel the music, get amped as you experience the start of an Overwatch career. This main support takes after his favorite hero Lucio as he rides the path to Pro as fast as he rides past his enemies. Former teams are Capybaras and RIT esports and 6ixGuns.


steven lopez

I’ve been gaming since I was 5 years old and started taking things seriously in 2017. Really excited to be apart of 6ixguns and I think we’ll make it very far together.


tony baccaro

Don't need a phone to shot call, but never have enough breath to blow out the birthday candles. Leadership to rival the godfather and Columbus combined, the Don is setting sail on his overwatch career with the strapped 6ixGuns following close behind.


trey gracyalny

I'm a 22 year old Off Tank player from Wisconsin. I fell in love with Overwatch after I saw a D.Va highlight intro and one tricked her for a long time. I only started playing on teams a little more than a year ago and reached T3 status.


Adrian Halgas

18 year old hitscan player. I enjoy playing with Dontony.



 - top

- Jgl

- adc

- supt

- mid




I am an ex competitive counter strike player who has played since 1.6 CAL days. Mainly playing Battle Royales and Hardcore FPS games.

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